Our School

HTL Rankweil is a technical high school offering courses in electronic and construction engineering. By combining practical education with theoretical training it produces a high quality of student ready for related employment or further study.

Our Students

The majority of our students are in the 14-19 age group, all of whom have the opportunity to take the Matura. Additionally, we also provide college classes for students with previous work experience who wish to pass the Matura examinations.

Regardless of their age, department or goals, our students are united by their interest in technology. Whether they are working on academic projects or completing internships with companies in the Vorarlberg area, they are constantly gaining relevant and useful experience in their chosen fields to help them prepare for the future.

Whilst the majority of our students choose to enter employment, those of whom wish to expand their subject knowledge have the chance to study at various universities both domestically and abroad.

Electronic Engineering

Currently, the electronic department of the HTL Rankweil offers the following modules:

  • Embedded Sytems and Signal Processing
  • Network Systems and Green IT
  • Smart Communications and Mobile Systems
  • Software Engineering and Game Development
  • Consumer Electronics

Regardless of the area of electronics the student wishes to enter, our department offers a comprehensive and effective program designed to maximise their practical ability and theoretical knowledge.

Our electronic engineering course lasts for five years and finalises with the Matura and a diploma project.

Construction Engineering

Our consctruction engineering department is organised into four subdivisions; building engineering, civil engineering, timber construction and heating/ventilation technology.

Living accommodation, bridges and roads, internal features such as air conditioning and heating, vital infrastructure points such as train stations, and many other permanent structures are designed and studied throughout the program.

All four programs run for five years and finalise with the Matura and a diploma project.