What about Brexit?

Talking about Euroweek we are often asked – but what about Brexit??

So what about it?

Officially Euroweek is not an EU project, it is an independent event organised by a network of schools spread all over Europe. However it has always carried the spirit of European integration and the other countries involved are all members of the EU.

Back in 2016 after the result of the referendum we wrote to the other schools involved in Euroweek and asked them what they wanted to do. We explained that we would like to carry on with the project, but would understand if they wanted to keep it for EU members only.

We were overwhelmed by the kind responses. Everyone said that they wanted us to carry on and that the referendum result made no difference. “Euroweek is about friendship – and you are still our friends” said one country’s representative.

And that sums it up really – Euroweek is about people not politics.

Brexit will change our economic relationship with Europe, but not our human relationship. Although we have left the EU we will still be part of Europe and the countries there will still be our neighbours. Euroweek is an opportunity to meet our neighbours – to make friends, share experiences and celebrate our diverse continent.